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July 12, 2006:

Fires spread throughout Aglaura; multiple areas damaged

Aglaura and the surrounding area were hit with an outbreak of suspicious fires late Tuesday, with blazes damaging at least four separate locations. Local fire departments battled the fires well into Wednesday, after which local officials were able to begin assessing the damages.

Most affected were the Aglaura Public Library and Ash Grove Park, a local amusement park in nearby Pemberton Township. Aglaura Borough Manager Doris Peterson said of the library, "It could be a total loss." Also damaged by separate fires were the new Aglaura municipal building, as well as the Great Water General construction site on the northern end of town.

Aglaura's mayor Pat Dobbs, appearing distraught and exhausted at an impromptu press conference late Wednesday, said, "We are all shocked and terribly saddened by these events, but are also extremely grateful that no one appears to have been seriously hurt in any of the fires. Luckily the rain served to help keep some of the fires from spreading further. We are also very happy that the fire detection and sprinkler systems in the new municipal building worked perfectly, preventing any serious damage there. Unfortunately, it appears that the library was not so lucky." Aglaura Public Library's head librarian, Sarah Wyatt, was not available for comment.

When asked if the fires were the work of an arsonist, Mayor Dobbs responded, "We and the State Police have just begun to investigate the situation, so I can't specifically comment, but yes, any time you have multiple serious fires in one night, it's almost got to be on purpose, I would think."

Aglaura Community IntraNet Almost Ready

Mayor Pat Dobbs announced yesterday July 11th that the new Aglaura IntraNet system was almost ready to launch, and that he anticipated unveiling it by the end of this week, or next week at the very latest. The IntraNet, which Mayor Dobbs described as "a gathering place online for citizens to meet and stay in touch", is using software provided by IntroNetworks, a California-based firm who develops community networks and informational portals for companies and events. The local hardware for the system has been donated and provided by Marzent, a local Development and Construction company. Mayor Dobbs credited Sam Greene, the Aglaura network administrator, with working long hours to get the project done, and said there would be an informational page about the system and how to register for it on the Aglaura website soon. "Of course," he added, "any Aglaura folk who took part in the beta testing will find their existing records in there, although they may have to tinker with some of it, according to what Sam has told me."

Local Entrepreneur Sponsoring Pine Barrens Devil Hunt to Promote Opening of New Store

Iris Page, the owner and operator of the brand new Aglaura store, The Unnatural Emporium, has announced that she will be sponsoring a "Devil Hunt" in the Pine Barrens just outside of town on Friday, July 21st at 9:00PM. The event is intended to promote the opening of her new store and its rather unusual inventory, and will be conducted by a local expert on the Pine Barrens from Pemberton Township. "If the Jersey Devil is out there, we'll find him," joked Ms. Page as she announced the event to local reporters, "and the event is free for all, so please come join us next Friday!"

Wesson Studios Announces More Local Filming

Wesson Studios, an independent film-making company that has been filming scenes for an upcoming film entitled Devil in the Backyard in the area for several months now, has announced that they will be sending an additional film crew to Aglaura next week, with the intent of interviewing local residents about the rumors, legends, and mysteries surrounding the town. Anyone interested in being interviewed can contact Wesson Studios via the information on their websites at and

Police Issue Updates on Local Investigations

Aglaura Police Chief Dawn Prufrock issued a statement on Monday July 10th regarding ongoing local investigations, in particular a missing persons and an investigation into the disappearance of six masks from the Aglaura Public Library over a month ago. "We are pleased to announce significant progress in both investigations," the statement reads, "and expect a fairly quick and definitive resolution to both matters shortly." The statement also confirmed that Aglaura resident Keith McCoy is no longer considered a missing person, but is still being sought as a "person of interest" in regards to the missing person investigation. The statement concluded with Chief Prufrock saying, "Once these two cases are finally wrapped up, we look forward to returning to the peaceful and quiet times Aglaura is known for."

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