Taken from Aglaura New

'June 21, 2006:'

'Tragedy as man leaps to his death at Ash Grove Park.

'Aglaura Stores Opening, Reopening'

The Unnatural Emporium is preparing to open soon. The store, which takes over the space formerly occupied by the late Wes Keeler's Emporium of the Weird, will be run by newly-transplanted Aglaura resident Iris Page. The store can be found online at

In other merchant news, Phyllis Willingham has formally reopened her antique store, The Hollow Needle. As previously reported, the store has been closed for the past four months for personal reasons.

'City Council Meeting Postponed'

A power spike disrupted Aglaura services on Monday and caused the postponement of the Aglaura City Council meeting, originally scheduled for Tuesday. The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 22 at 7:30 PM. Aglaura bylaws allow for input from interested outsiders. If you would like to make a statement regarding the fate of the Aglaura Public Library, you will be able to call in on Thursday evening to address the City Council. Please have a statement ready when you call in. You will have up to five minutes to speak. The exact time and phone number will be posted Thursday morning.

'Police Investigation in the Woods'

An ongoing police investigation has citizens concerned. Aglaura police have been in the woods outside of the town park at the south edge of town. Some citizens speculate that the investigation might be connected to reports of missing persons over the last few days, but Chief Prufrock has refused to comment.


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