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June 23, 2006:

Redevelopment Plan Decision Comes Down to Single Vote

In a monthly meeting that included many unusual events, the Aglaura Borough Council last night rejected Phase 2 of the Aglaura Redevelopment Plan proposed by local company Marzent LLC by a vote of 43 to 42. After an extended and often contentious meeting and debate, the plan failed by a single vote, saving Mayor Dobbs the uncomfortable task of having to cast a tie-breaking vote, as it appeared he might have to.

At the request of Council member Diana Sprague, a Roll Call vote was taken, with each voter's name and vote being recorded as they voted, just one of the unusual factors involved in this month's Council meeting. As set forth in the Aglaura charter, all registered citizens that want to are allowed to vote on major community issues like this but rarely do more than a handful participate. Last night almost 100 people filled the meeting room, along with a few dozen non-residents who took part in a special call-in open discussion portion of the meeting.

The Plan appeared to pass at first, as what was thought to be the last vote was cast left the tally at 40 NAYs and 42 AYEs, but two residents who arrived late to the meeting then cast their vote, both against the plan, tying the vote at 42 - 42, and leaving many thinking Mayor Dobbs would have to cast the tie-breaking vote per the duties of his position. Before the Mayor had to vote, however, the Aglaura webmaster Sam Greene, whose duties kept her pre-occupied in the computer rooms of the facility, showed up to cast the deciding vote, causing the plan to fail 43 to 42.

Several of the voters, including Joseph Tennant and Janet Holloway, credited the passionate remarks by the call in participants along with similar email messages they have received recently, with swaying their votes. "Sometimes people removed from the actual situation can see it most clearly," said Mr. Tennant.

Marzent spokesman Bruce Abbott refused to comment on the outcome, saying that the company would issue an official response shortly. Aglaura Public Library head Librarian Sarah Wyatt, obviously overjoyed and overcome with emotion by the vote, also refused to make a statement.

Nay Votes: 43

Budwell "Buddy" Browning

Annabelle Goodwyn

Evangeline Goodwyn

Esther Adams

Jim Nesbitt

Amanda Roloff

Samuel Kwan

Seth Wiskowski

Minnie Bender

Mavis Thiemann

Luna Peltson

Gloria LeForte

Dolores Castillo

Colleen MacDonald

Jane Caswell

Arthur Wolff

Ralph Simon Upcroft III

John Matheson

Elaine Jackson

Lillian Sackett

Archibald "Skip" Jenkins

Merle Shipley

Col. Lee Minkie

Bob Hunter

Maggie Hunter

Barbara Hayes

Brian Talbot

Kyle Day

Geronimo Ramos

Joseph Tennant

Janet Holloway

Donna Brewer

Byron Nickerson

Dawn Prufrock

E.E. Johnson

Kathy Bucher

Doug Delaney

Tracy Butterfield

Dale Sprague

Sarah Wyatt

Phyllis Willingham

Iris Page

Sam Greene

Yea Votes: 42

Shelly Vickers

Peter Bloodaxe

Howard Denney

Anita Denney

Denise Dutchuk

Amy Teasdale

Elaine Golden

Georgia Cutwater

Ted Dutchuk

Marla Barton

Brenda Watkens

Miles Kostenko

Cecilia Sampson

Adam Murray

Walter Lightsey

John Dewey

Burt Richards

Susan Horton

Clay Randall

Samuel Benson

Katherine Lenox

Al Woundy

Jacob Davis

Valerie Mason

Linda Flores

Hernando Flores

Matthew Lavallee

Erin Spelling

Brian Cheevers

Veronica Buissink

Rex Roth

Sue Ann Delabor

Vic Calloway

Hank Webber

Tim Webber

Doris Peterson

Joanna Frank

Simon Smythe

Matthew Sheppard

Corrine Barkhouse

Diana Sprague

Bruce Abbott

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