From Aglaura NJ News. Official Website

May 26, 2006:

Artwork Disappears from Library

As the Aglaura Public Library cleaned up the Artists of Aglaura exhibit on Thursday evening, six masks disappeared from the facility. The masks, created by local artist and head librarian Sarah Wyatt, were part of a multimedia exhibit centered around her new children's novel, Sixth of Never. Ms. Wyatt issued an urgent plea for the safe return of the masks. "Those masks have deep meaning to me and their creation has brought me through a very difficult period of my life. Please, if you have them or know anything at all about them, let me know. I promise there will be no questions asked. I just want the masks back."

The masks were last seen at the Library last night at closing time, and were scheduled to be packed up this morning. Anyone with information about the missing artwork can email the Aglaura Public Library with details.

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