Aglaura, New Jersey is a town in Burlington County formerly known as Ong's Hat.


Aglaura is part of Pemberton Township in Burlington County. It comprises 1.4 square miles, with large open spaces, bordered on one side by Lebanon State Forest and the Pine Barrens on the other. The highest elevation is 378 feet above sea level. According to the 2000 census, the population is 3,664.


The main government consists of the mayor and six councilpersons. The mayor, elected to a four year term subject to re-election, only votes to break ties. Councilpersons are elected two per year to serve three year terms. The current city council comprises Simon Smythe (Council President), Matthew Sheppard, Diana Sprague, Donna Brewer, Dale Sprague, and Corrine Barkhouse. Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm EST. A bylaw allows non-residents to phone in and speak at council meetings. This occured at the 22 June 2006 and 15 August 2006 meetings.


Aglaura was founded in the 19th century as Ong's Hat. Legend has it that a man named Jason Ong threw his hat into a tree and the community developed around it. The Lebanon Glass Works was established in 1851, which helped the economy. The furnace was shut down in 1867 after the supply of wood was depleted; by the 1920s, the only remaining resident was Del Doyle, owner of Del Doyle's Cranberries at the edge of the Lake of Tears.

In 1978, Wali Fard purchased about 200 acres in the Pine Barrens just outside Ong's Hat. He founded the Moorish Science Ashram in 1980 and revitalized the area. The Ashram mysteriously dissappeared a few years later, but the town survived due to urban sprawl. Ong's Hat changed its name to Aglaura in 2002.

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