The Aglaura Public Library was built in 1927 in Aglaura, New Jersey. As the economy declined, the library was sealed in the 1930s and reopened in 1983 under head librarian Agatha Dobbs, mother of mayor Pat Dobbs. Agatha updated the library, adding a large portion of the Wali Fard collection.

Six masks created by Sarah Wyatt, the current head librarian, were stolen on 26 May 2006. The masks were part of a display for Sarah's new book Sixth of Never.

The Aglaura Redevelopment Plan proposed to digitize and destroy the library, but was rejected on 23 June 2006. After the library was heavily damaged by one of several suspicious fires on 12 July 2006, Phyllis donated her shop, The Hollow Needle to serve as a new library.

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