The following information about the citizens of Aglaura is complied mostly from voting records and Aglaura IntraNet profiles.

Name Title Company AIN Profile Vote[1]
Bruce Abbott Public and Community Relations Director Marzent Resident Yea
Esther Adams Resident Yea
Corrine Barkhouse Councilwoman Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Marla Barton Superintendent Aglaura Independent School District (AISD) Official Yea
Minnie Bender Bus Driver AISD Resident Nay
Samuel Benson Butcher Aglaura Greengrocers Resident Yea
Peter Bloodaxe Pharmacist CVS Resident Yea
Donna Brewer Councilwoman Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Budwell Browning Owner Buddy's Trucks Resident Nay
Kathy Bucher Zoning/Building Inspector Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Veronica Buissink CFO/Tax Collector Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Tracy Butterfield Recreation Director Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Vic Calloway Planning Board Chairman Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Dolores Castillo Lawyer/Partner Castillo & Baines Resident Nay
Jane Caswell Teacher - K AISD Resident Nay
Brian Cheevers Personal Trainer Aura Gal Resident Yea
Max Clanton Line Cook Aglaura Diner Resident
Georgia Cutwater Owner Cutwater Catering Resident Yea
Diane Danson Cashier CVS Resident
Jacob Davis Owner Davis Fuels Resident Yea
Kyle Day Orderly Great Water General Resident Nay
Sue Ann Delabor Magistrate Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Doug Delaney Health Officer Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Howard Denney Foreman - Construction Division Marzent Resident Yea
Anita Denney Cashier/Merchandiser Del Doyle's Cranberries Resident Yea
John Dewey Manager Aglaura Greengrocers Resident Yea
Pat Dobbs Mayor Aglaura NJ Official
Mason Dunn Clerk Aglaura Greengrocers Resident
Ted Dutchuk Owner/Operator Sports Pro Resident Yea
Denise Dutchuk SAHM Resident Yea
Linda Flores RN Great Water General Resident Yea
Hernando Flores Manager Ace Hardware Resident Yea
Joanna Frank News Editor Channel 8 Resident Yea
Elaine Golden Proprietress Elaine's Closet Resident Yea
Annabelle Goodwyn None Nay
Evangeline Goodwyn None Nay
Sam Greene webmaster Aglaura NJ Resident Nay
Serena Grosse Cashier Aglaura Greengrocers Resident
Barbara Hayes Ward Clerk Great Water General Resident Nay
Janet Holloway Mortician Fielding's Funeral Home Resident Nay
Susan Horton Cleaning Specialist Neat as a Pin Resident Yea
Maggie Hunter Housekeeping Great Water General Resident Nay
Bob Hunter Construction Worker Resident Nay
Elaine Jackson Secretary Hazelwood Travel Resident Nay
Archibald "Skip" Jenkins Handyman Resident Nay
E.E. Johnson Prosecutor Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Miles Kostenko Architect Marzent Resident Yea
Samuel Kwan Veterinarian Aglaura Animal Hospital Resident Nay
Brandy Larsen Sales Clerk Elaine's Closet Resident
Matthew Lavallee Paint Specialist Ace Hardware Resident Yea
Gloria LeForte Co-owner/Operator Fluffy Duck Coin Wash Resident Nay
Katherine Lenox Police Officer APD Resident Yea
Walter Lightsey Manager Lessig's Furniture Resident Yea
Colleen MacDonald Choir Director AISD Resident Nay
Valerie Mason Personal Home Care Worker Resident Yea
John Matheson Science Teacher AISD Resident Nay
Frankie McFarlane Resident
Col. Lee Minkie None Nay
Adam Murray VP First National Bank Resident Yea
Jim Nesbitt Sales Buddy's Trucks Resident Nay
Byron Nickerson Clerk Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Regan Osborne Florist Patricia's Posies Resident
Iris Page Owner The Unnatural Emporium None Nay
Luna Peltson Admissions Officer Great Water General Resident Nay
Doris Peterson Aglaura Borough Manager Resident Yea
Dawn Prufrock Chief of Police Town of Aglaura Official Nay
Geronimo Ramos Mechanic Buddy's Trucks Resident Nay
Clay Randall Owner Seed and Sod Garden Center Resident Yea
Burt Richards Travel Agent Hazelwood Travel Resident Yea
Amanda Roloff L&D Nurse Great Water General Resident Nay
Rex Roth Assessor Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Lillian Sackett Resource Teacher AISD Resident Nay
Cecilia Sampson Planning Division Marzent Resident Yea
Matthew Sheppard Councilman Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Merle Shipley Owner Aglaura Drive-In Resident Nay
Simon Smythe Council Pres. Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Erin Spelling Loans Officer First National Resident Yea
Dale Sprague Synthasia Design Resident Nay
Diana Sprague Councilwoman Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Brian Talbot Nurse - ER Great Water General Resident Nay
Amy Teasdale Dietician Great Water General Resident Yea
Joseph Tennant Rector Trinity Episcopal Church Resident Nay
Mavis Thiemann Owner Second Chance Resident Nay
Allison Underwood Waitress The Feedsack Resident
Ralph Simon Upcroft III COS Great Water General Resident Nay
Shelly Vickers Resident Yea
Brenda Watkens Manager Aura Gal Resident Yea
Hank Webber Plumbing Inspector Town of Aglaura Official Yea
Tim Webber None Yea
Phyllis Willingham[2] Former owner The Hollow Needle None Nay
Seth Wiskowski Proprietor Wiskowki's Jewellry Resident Nay
Arthur Wolff Author Resident Nay
Al Woundy Owner Al's Convenience & Video Resident Yea
Sarah Wyatt Head Librarian Aglaura Library Resident Nay


  1. Vote on 22 June 2006 for Phase 2 of the Aglaura Redevelopment plan. Results of meeting on 23 June
  2. Phyllis is no longer a resident of Aglaura.

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