Animal Dream

The "Dale Animal Dream" is a puzzle found in the "Chasing The Wish" comic book. Both the online and print versions have a page about one of Dale's dreams in which he assumes the form of several animals. Taking the first letter of each animal in order yields the phrase "three letters saved".

In an email, Dale suggests that the three letters might refer to APL — the Aglaura Public Library:

Wow, that's really strange about the letters from my description of my dream about the animals. I certainly hadn't noticed that, and it definitely seems too specific to be coincidental or anything. I've been thinking about possible interpretations of that phrase - three letters saved - since I first read your email, and the best I've been able to come up with is that it's a subconscious message about saving the Library, which we sometimes call the APL around here. The APL, three letters, understand? But the past tense has me confused, so I'm not sure if that's the correct interpretation anyway.

Dale is confused about the past tense of "three letters saved" and he is not sure that APL is the correct interpretation. However, it turns out that a construction company Marzano Technologies had their eyes on the Library with their Aglaura Redevelopment Plan Phase 2.

From the Aglaura NJ news archive.

January 11, 2006:

Marzent to present plan to Council

On the schedule for the monthly Aglaura council meeting includes a presentation from Marzent. The local business will be making a proposal for Aglaura revitalization, including Phase 2 of their Aglaura Redevelopment Plan. At press time, details on what Phase 2 involves are undisclosed. The only statement by Marzent regarding the plan indicated that they are focusing on the remaining buildings in the old municipal area: the Aglaura Public Library and the Aglaura Post Office.

January 18, 2006:

Marzent Phase 2 plan presented, protested

Marzent presented Phase 2 of the Aglaura Redevelopment Plan at the city council meeting. Their plans include moving the current businesses in the old municipal district into the new industrial park. The post office will be adjunct to the new municipal building, while the library will be digitized and exist wholly on computers in another part of the new complex. Marzent then proposes to raze the old Aglaura Public Library building.

Head Librarian Sarah Wyatt took the floor to protest the proposal, but was ruled out of order by Mayor Dobbs who said that any debate on the topic was premature as the City Council had just gotten the proposal that evening and had not had time to review it.

June 14, 2006:

Library Plans Galvanize Aglaura

Marzent began a phone and flyer campaign seeking support for the proposed Phase 2 of its Aglaura Redevelopment Plan. This plan involves digitizing the holdings of the Aglaura Public Library and razing the building. The site would then be utilized for industrial expansion. Those interested in finding out more information about Marzent's plans can visit their Community Information and Involvement webpage.

On the other side of the issue, there has surfaced an online petition and grassroots campaign to save the library from being torn down. Those interested in showing their support for the library can visit the online petition to add their names to the list.

The issue has become quite contentious in Aglaura in the past few weeks, with some arguing that the loss of the historic building and the physical books would be a loss to the community at large, while others argue that the digitized library would be safer, more orderly, and infinitely expandable.

The Aglaura City Council is due to vote on the issue on June 20.

See Aglaura NJ News for 23 June to find out the results of the vote.

Even though the Aglaura Borough Council rejected Phase 2, the Library was later destroyed by fire.

See Aglaura NJ News for 12 July to read about the fires.

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