Dale Sprague
Occupation Owner of Synthasia Design
Residence Aglaura, New Jersey
Relatives Diana Sprague (ex-wife)
Meaghan Sprague (daughter)
Email dale[at]thewishcomic[dot]com
Blog/Journal Creator's Journal

Dale Sprague is a web designer from Aglaura, New Jersey and the founder and owner of Synthasia Design.

Creator's JournalEdit

Dale maintains a journal called the Creator's Journal. Highlighted entries are not listed on the Journal's index.

Creator's Journal entries
Date Summary
5 November 2005archive Dale talks about his comic book, to be called Chasing the Wish, and Aglaura, New Jersey.
6 November 2005archive Dale is the main character in the comic book; he mentions his "wishful nature".
11 November 2005archive Dale runs for a position on the Aglaura city council; he feels Diana has made bad decisions since she was elected to the council. Marzent is involved in everything related to Aglaura.
18 November 2005archive Dale talks about the process of creating the story, which takes place a few years ago, when Wes Keeler was alive and Dale, Diana, and Meaghan were still a family. James Curcio is the creative director.
27 November 2005archive Dale shows a sketch of the first page of Chasing the Wish.
28 November 2005archive Dale's scripts are unworkable, so Jason Stackhouse is brought in to write the script for the first issue.
2 December 2005archive Diana took Meaghan for Thanksgiving; Dale intends to spend Christmas with her. J.D. seems detached from reality.
6 December 2005archive Dale talks about Wes Keeler, a long-time resident with extensive knowledge of the Pine Barrens.
18 December 2005archive Dale shows an inked page from Chasing the Wish.
21 December 2005archive Dale talks about Sarah Wyatt and the masks she's made; the story of Chasing the Wish also involves Sarah and masks.
23 December 2005archive Dale celebrates Christmas early with Meaghan.
4 January 2006archive
6 January 2006archive
13 January 2006archive
18 January 2006archive
20 January 2006archive
11 February 2006
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1 March 2006
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2 July 2006
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10 July 2006
11 July 2006
16 July 2006
16 July 2006 part 2
19 July 2006
24 July 2006 The 307 symbol's application to maps.
28 July 2006 Dale wonders if his comic book is based on fact, and Incunabula connections.
4 August 2006 Dale talks about fractals and the 'spokes' of the 307 symbol.
10 August 2006 Dale talks about Meaghan and shares a diagram he created of things related to his dreams.
13 August 2006 Dale learns that Meaghan is missing.
16 August 2006 Dale talks about Meaghan's disappearance and how she was found.
17 August 2006 Dale recounts the search for Meaghan.
17 August 2006 part 2 More images from the search for Meaghan, Dale finds Brad's body.
18 August 2006 Dale feels something is unresolved in the Pine Barrens, even though Diana and Meaghan were found. He wonders if Sam's cell phone hack could be used to get to the bottom of things.
20 August 2006 Dale spends time with Meaghan, who says she went into the Barrens to help him, convinced that "an old friend" was there. Bruce and Sam want to help Dale search the Pine Barrens.
21 August 2006 Dale's venture into the Pine Barrens was successful, but details will have to wait until tomorrow. Diana has thrown Bruce out.
24 August 2006 Keith has run off after someone tried to grab him. Dale and Bruce found a cave with machinery in the woods; Bruce unlocked the Marzent padlock with his set of master keys.
27 August 2006 Dale posts a page that Peter received from Roman and will be in touch soon about the "more secure way of exchanging information".
4 September 2006 Digitalis visits Dale in the middle of the night.
9 September 2006 Sarah is doing better; Dale says "it all has to do with the past". Runestones from the comic are showing up in real life.
10 September 2006 Dale dreams of his gravestone and Digitalis.

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