Finding Mystai are two puzzles that lead to the discovery of the Mystai and their web site

Dale's puzzleEdit


The original automatic writing puzzle


The corrected puzzle

Dale Sprague's comic book, Chasing the Wish, contains a sample of his automatic writing: seemingly random words strewn about the page with numbers and mathematical symbols beneath. The online version of the comic corrected a mistake in the puzzle, changing "(3-" underneath the word "it" to "(3". The corrected puzzle contains twenty-eight word pairs that can be arranged to form a poem.

Six fingers on one hand he had —
(5-    4)   (2 +1)  (4- 2) (3
on the other only five.
+2)(6-  5)    (4+  5)
With a grin, he said,
(1+  1)  (3   -3) (3
"You look well, son, for someone not alive.
 +2)  (4   -3)  (2+  7)   (3-     2)   (4
Quickly, lad! No time to think,
+1)      (4+  2)  (3  -2)  (1
your mind looks scattered anyway.
+1)   (1   +1)   (6-        5)
Yours to choose; make it real!
(3-   2)   (1+   1)   (3  -2)
Careful, now, of what you say."
(4+      1)   (2  -1) (3+ 1)

Solving the twenty-four created addition and subtraction problems gives this string of numbers: 1,3,2,5,1,9,2,0,5,1,9,1,5,6,1,2,2,1,1,2,1,6,1,4. Grouping the numbers as 13 25 19 20 5 19 15 6 1 22 1 12 16 14 and translating into letters by substituting A for 1, B for 2, etc. yields the phrase "mystesofavalon". From this was found, but it was not certain that it was in-game.

Sarah's puzzleEdit

A puzzle was discovered in Sarah Wyatt's blog entry variety is the spice of dead librarians where she tells about a dream she had. Several parts of the dream seem to reference characters from classic books.

Line Book Character
I had been so dreadfully cold and begged someone to burn me up The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service Sam McGee coach and I was on the way to visit an aunt whose husband owned a lodging house with a Caribbean name Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Murier Mary Yellan
... I appeared to be alone, in my heart I knew eyes were trained on me, and an old rhyme about fruit came to mine... Grapefruit and lime? It wasn't right, but it was close. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell Winston Smith
Nothing more than a child’s scrawl, really, but I was a child myself and it met with my full approval, and I knew a boy who smelled like a swimming hole had drawn it for me. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain Becky Thatcher
I could not keep my mind from straying to toy with the thought of the tortured creature in the attic... The governess with the monster in the attic Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre
...but suddenly the attic changed; it was part of a monstrous house that I had inherited. We had gone to explore the house at the request of a doctor who wished to study it. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson Luke Sanderson

Taking the first letter of the last name of the characters in order gives MYSTES, reinforcing

Mystai puzzle trails
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