Iris Page
Occupation Owner of The Unnatural Emporium
Residence Aglaura, New Jersey
Email iris[at]edgeofsight[dot]com

Iris Page is the owner of The Unnatural Emporium.

Personal documentsEdit

A directory containing letters from Phyllis Willingham and transcripts of J.D. Willingham's journal were discovered on Iris's Edge of Site website. After Iris found out that the documents were publicly accessible, she password protected them. The directory was found after Iris mistyped a link to a poster for the Devil Hunt as instead of

J.D. Willingham's journal
Journal 1 J.D. describes his dreams, in which he ends up in the basement holding a knife. He expresses concern about the possibility of his journal being read.
Journal 2 J.D. relates a dream in which he slices the eye of a dark-haired child and is horrified when he wakes up.
Journal 3 J.D.'s dreams involve a mysterious cowled figure and an ornately carved box. He sees the boy from his dream while awake and buys cigarettes even though he's never smoked.
Journal 4 J.D. takes a week off from work to search the basement.
Journal 5 J.D. says he's not all right and is getting worse. J.D. makes references to a "he" and strikes them out.
Journal 6 J.D. continues talking about the "other" man — the one that is really responsible for hurting the children and is "taking pieces" of J.D. and "locking them away".
Journal 7 J.D. says that the other man "broke out" of him and hit Phyllis, who then fled. J.D. vows that "He/WE" won't be there when she returns. He makes references to hurting himself to prevent further harm to Phyllis.
Letters from Phyllis to Iris
Letter 1 - page 1 · page 2 Phyllis expresses concern about J.D., who acts as though he's angry at her and rarely sees her. She mentions that he smells like cigarette smoke sometimes and wonders if he is having an affair.
Letter 2 - page 1 · page 2 Phyllis discovers J.D. smoking; he responds angrily and spends a lot of time in the basement.
Letter 3 - page 1 · page 2 Phyllis asks for advice about J.D., who stays up all night in the basement.
Letter 4 J.D. smokes more, has torn holes in the walls and floor of the basement, and has not returned to work. Phyllis loses a sales document.
Letter 5 Phyllis mentions J.D.'s "breakdown" and is having nightmares. She says J.D. was not in his right mind when he hit her and is typing up his journal, which seems familiar to her.
Letter 6 Phyllis has inherited J.D.'s council seat and is glad Iris is moving into town.
Letter 7 J.D. waited for Phyllis to come home, dirty from the basement, and hit her. Phyllis ran and called the police, who found him with his wrists cut. He has been taken to Klepsydra in Princeton.
Notes from J.D. in Klepsydra
Note 1 J.D. says the children and "he" are gone now. He mentions a dead man who visits him, trying to get information.
Note 2 J.D. worries that the "other man" will harm Phyllis, since she is still in the house. The dead man says he will check in on her. J.D. sometimes hears the other man saying "I'll taste her soon" and "She's coming home."

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