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'June 29, 2006:'

'Library Lovers Celebrate'

Proponents of the Aglaura Public Library have spent the last week celebrating the demise of Marzent's Aglaura Redevelopment Plan Phase 2, which would have digitized the contents of the library and razed the building. The measure was narrowly defeated last week after a flurry of interest including an organized email campaign, online petition, and telephone conference. Head librarian Sarah Wyatt says, "Now I can really settle into the dear old library without feeling like my home is about to be taken away from me. There's no place like home!"

Marzent has not made any official statements regarding the vote or possible future plans to reintroduce the issue.

'Ash Grove Park Tragedy Still Lingers'

It's now a week after the scheduled season opening of Ash Grove Park and yet it sits empty, not a single customer having officially entered its front gates this year. Neither local authorities or park representatives are able to say exactly when the park might open, as the investigation into an accident there last Wednesday, June 21, 2006 that left a local Aglaura man dead continues.

State and local police have refused comment, citing an ongoing investigation into the matter, but have confirmed the dead man's identity as Mark Dunn, local to Aglaura, who leaves behind a wife and a teenaged son. Police have refused to label the death a suicide, saying that it is being considered accidental at this point until announced otherwise.

A spokesman for the Dunn family has stated that Mark Dunn was undergoing extensive psychological treatment to deal with the death of his daughter, Sierra, who died at Ash Grove Park last year.

'Aglaura IntraNet Preparing to Launch'

The Aglaura IntraNet is in final stages of testing. The site will be used to allow citizens to communicate with each other and quickly and easily get information about community news and events. Mayor Pat Dobbs says, "According to our IT person and webmaster, Sam Greene, we hope to have the new community IntraNet fully functional by early July."

'Aglaura Police Conference Scheduled'

The Aglaura Police Department has scheduled a press conference for Friday, June 30. Chief Prufrock is expected to issue updates on the masks that disappeared late last month from the Aglaura Public Library. The Chief is also expected to address the police presence at the Aglaura Town Park last week, which many have speculated was parts of a missing persons investigation.

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