Keith McCoy
Occupation Nurse, Great Water General Hospital
Email keith[at]three-o-seven[dot]com

Keith McCoy is a nurse at Great Water General Hospital investigating the 307 symbol. By using an overlay of the symbol on a map of Aglaura, he unearthed in the Pine Barrens the six masks created by Sarah Wyatt. He witnessed Brad Wheeler being killed by unknown figures in the Barrens. After the figures were waiting for him outside his house, Keith fled, taking the masks with him and distributing them. When the Brad's body was found during the search for Meaghan Sprague, Keith became a prime suspect. Keith called in to the Aglaura City Council meeting on 15 August to tell his story. Brad's death was ruled accidental; the autopsy conclused that he died from a fall.

After Diana Sprague's murder and Meaghan's second disappearance, Keith was arrested at Great Water General Hospital at the suggestion of an anonymous tip.[1]



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