The Raven to Nymphus Trail is a puzzle trail from the Mystai. Completion of the trail promotes the initiate from Raven to Nymphus.


The beginning of this trail is incomplete.

On 17 July 2006, initiatesone[at]mystes[dot]com sent the following email:

Kheperi - Re - Atum

Above the height of ten men, a face of stone looks eastward towards the mighty source of life.
Those who have both desire and knowledge shall proceed.

This describes the Sphinx, leading to

Seven doors or one hundred, by either it is known. Once, the great beast plagued this place.

Thebes, Greece is the city of the Seven Gates; Thebes, Egypt is the city of the Hundered Gates. It was outside Thebes that the Sphinx (the great beast) would ask passers-by the "Riddle of the Sphinx". This leads to

Find the seven gates.

The seven gates of Thebes were named after the daughters of the seven-gated wall's builder, Amphion — Thera, Cleodoxa, Astynome, Astycratia, Chias, Ogygia, and Chloris. This leads to seven pages, each containing a small group of letters:
a s c e m m t
l t e l a e a
c e l e i r y
y r a c a o g
o o e t   p e
n p n r   e t
e e o a     e

When arranged as above, with the page names alphabetized, reading down the letter groups yields seven names: Alcyone, Sterope, Celaeno, Electra, Maia, Merope, and Taygete — the Pleiades from Greek mythology. This leads to Inronically the same can be found at

There were three pyres amid the gravestones.

1 4 4 9 12 12 13 14 14 16 19 20 21 21 25

1 5 5 8 8 9 13 14 15 19 19 19 20 20 20

1 1 1 5 6 7 9 9 12 15 18 18 19 20 21

Examing the source code reveals that the numbers are given in five different fonts. Substituting A for 1, B for 2, etc. and rearranging them by alphabetic order of font name as follows.

Arial Font: = 25 15 21 = Y O U

Courier Font: = 13 21 19 20 6 9 = M U S T F I

Georgia Font: = 14 4 20 8 5 19 1 7 5 = N D T H E S A G E

Times Font: = 9 12 12 21 9 13 9 14 1 20 15 18 = I L L U I M I N A T O R

Verdana Font: = 1 14 4 16 1 19 19 20 8 5 20 18 9 1 12 19 = A N D P A S S T H E T R I A L S

yields the message "you must find the sage illuminator and pass the trials", which leads to

Here begins the second death. Upon the cross of solstices and equinoxes shall you be crucified, and then sealed away inside a great tomb. Your soul must find the way your body cannot, the way to freedom.

renewal defeat hidden avail vie weapon concealed impart discover wall faintly know under beneath ruin escape your offset unworth inviolate learning envoy ghosts souls hopelessness fail departures facade

Removing the punctuation from the top line and taking only the letters from the second found below the spaces of the first line yields the message "we have need of you are you willing to help."

Here begins the second death Upon the cross of solstices and equinoxes shall you be crucified and then sealed
renewal defeat hidden avail vie weapon concealed impart discover wall faintly know under beneath ruin escape 
    W      E   H      A     V    E   N     E  E         D   O         F     Y   O  U         A   R    E      

 away inside a great tomb Your soul must find the way your body cannot the way to freedom
your offset unworth inviolate learning envoy ghosts souls hopelessness fail departures facade
Y    O      U  W    I    L    L    I    N    G   T   O    H    E          L   P  T       CADE

It is speculated that TCADE may be important otherwise the second line of words could have stoped with the word depart. However the word departures was used and the word facade was the final word which probably means that TCADE should not be overlooked.

On 29 July, the sage illuminator page was updated; a string of numbers was added to the bottom of the page:

1-5 3-6 1-3,1 3-8,6 1-5 2-7,2 3-6 2-7,3 1-1 3-7 1-3,1 3-8,6 1-5 2-7,2,0 1-1 2-1,0,4 1-1,5 3-8 1-1,-5,4 2-4 1-1
3-6 2-1 3-7 1-1,1 2-7,2 3-6 2-1 1-2 2-7 1-0,0,1 3-8 1-1 2-2 3-6,3 2-1 3-8 2-4 1-2 3-7 1-0 2-7,2 1-2 3-5,7,7,5 1-3 
2-8 1-5 2-0 1-1 3-8,7 2-1,2

Taking "1-3,1" to be shorthand for "1-3 1-1", these are coordinates for reading letters from the following grid:


This yields the message "at certain times certain people are able to see into different worlds find us such a person".

On 8 August 2006, simon[at]mystes[dot]com sent an email with the subject "This World":

Having with me therefore this fair book, I did nothing else day nor night, but study upon it, understanding 
very well all the operations that it showed, but not knowing with what matter I should begin, which made me very 
heavy and solitary, and caused me to fetch many a sigh. My wife Perrenella, whom I loved as myself, and had lately 
married was much astonished at this, comforting me, and earnestly demanding, if she could by any means deliver me
from this trouble.

v1 5y w2 b1 1b o3 2m 4f g8 1c a1

The code at the bottom indicates letters to read from the email: The first letter after the first v, then the fifth letter before the next y, then the second letter after the next w, etc. This yields the word "illudtempus" and leads to, which playes a series of sounds and instructs "Meditate upon these tones." Converting the sound to an image yields the message "AT MIDNIGHT I SAW THE SUN SHINING WITH A SPLENDID LIGHT", a quote from Apuleius. This leads to

"At midnight, I saw the sun shining with a splendid light."

The existence of this world is written in cycles. A time of great change is upon us, when questions are answered and
destinies made, when doorways open and those who can come use them. It is a time when many things - knowledge, 
mankind, reality itself - are in peril, for there are truths man is not meant to know and things he is not meant to

I am Simon Magus, Mystae. Do you want to know more?

The word "more" is linked to the email simon[at]mystes[dot]com. Emailing Simon produces an auto-reply:

Congratulations, Nymphus!

Your first trial is a task you must perform for us. Knowledge will be your reward.


A page was found at; it is not yet known where this page fits in the trail.

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