Catching the Wish (CTW2) is a follow up ARG of the wildly successful 2003 "Chasing the Wish" ARG created by Dave Szulborski. While many of the characters from the 2003 ARG have the same name and are in similar positions to the original game, many major differences in the characters exist. This is no straightforward follow up to the original game.

CTW2 starts with Dale Sprague, just as the first game did. This time, Dale has created a graphic novel Comic Book, which is available from New Fiction (note: at current writing the first production run is almost sold out). We are introduced to the other creators: James Curcio, P. Emerson Williams and Jason Stackhouse. A note on the Creator's page in the web at credits James Curcio, Jessika Kaos, Wm. Hamilton, and P. Emerson Williams with the Artwork for the Comic. (Note: these other creators are out-of-game, and Dave Szulborski receives no mention as the author).

Oddities abound in Aglaura, New Jersey, the former ghost town of Ong's Hat. There is a curious mental illness of sorts going around town, one of memories of events that seemingly never happened. While some people seem to be dealing with these conflicts in their memories fairly easily, others, notably J. Douglas Willingham the Borough Attorney, have had a psychotic break requiring hospitalization.

There is a theft that has happened, a display of masks made by several local artists has been stolen from the Aglaura Public Library. There is a film crew wandering the near by area of the Pine Barrens apparently working on a "Blair Witch" style project. Marzent has designs to build a large industrial park over a section of the Pine Barrens that runs along the western border of the town. Dale and Sarah Wyatt (the Head Librarian) are very much against the building of the park. It is an issue that has sharply divided the town council, with Dale's ex-wife, Diana, firmly on the other side of the issue. An additional issue of concern is Marzent's intent to digitize the Library holdings, the development plan calls for demolishing the Library!

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