The Unnatural Emporium
Unnatural Emporium logo
Key people Iris Page (owner)
Location South St. and Main St.,
Aglaura, New Jersey
Business Retail - Unusual items

The Unnatural Emporium is a business in Aglaura, New Jersey owned by Iris Page that sells spiritual, holistic, and unusual items.

The shop was previously operated by Wes Keeler as The Emporium of the Weird. After Wes died, Iris bought the shop, which came with the leftover inventory. She considered constructing a small display of some of Wes's things, but decided to get rid of it instead, offering some to the citizens of Aglaura.

The Unnatural Emporium hosted a devil hunt led by expert Jack McCloy on 21 July at 9:00. During the hunt, Phyllis Willingham claimed to have seen the ghost of Wes Keeler in the Pine Barrens.

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