Wes Keeler
Occupation Owner, Emporium of the Weird (former)
Possibly deceased
Relatives Todd Keeler (son)
Email iamweskeeler[-a-]

Wes Keeler was the owner of the Emporium of the Weird (EOTW), a little store in Aglaura, New Jersey, that sold strange artifacts, old books, odd curiosities, and the like. The store is currently owned by Iris Page under the name The Unnatural Emporium.

Wes also conducted Weird Pine Barrens tours in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. He was good friends with Dale Sprague and Sam Greene.

Possible deathEdit

Wes was believed to be killed in a car accident while Sam Greene was driving. Sam was thrown from the car without injury. Sam and Wes's friends rarely talk about the details of the accident. A person known as Walker of the Woods or Roman Bern claims to be Wes Keeler. In an attempt to meet Peter, he appeared at the Devil Hunt run by Iris Page; however, Phyllis Willingham saw him instead, believing him to be the ghost of Wes.

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